Memoirs of a desiccated land

Painted to connect” during the ravaging floods of September 2014 have inflicted unprecedented loss of life and property in Kashmir.“I remember getting disconnected from the people of valley for many days. The stark reality continued to disturb me, least could one do to paint the faces of those I remember and shared early part of my life when I use to live in Srinagar or associated in recent past May it be teacher, writer, poet, shopkeeper, barber and others.”

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Bearing Points

Curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt
Dhaka Art Summit’18 2nd-10th February, 2018

‘Leaves like Hands of Flame’ (running time 5 min 3 sec) is a two-channel video meditation by Veer Munshi. Its title is taken from a line in a poem by Ranjit Hoskote, which speaks of the chinar.

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Curated by Ranjit Hoskote
Serendipity Arts Festival‘17 15th-22nd December 17, Goa

This exhibition will engage with a spectrum of ways in which artists in late-colonial, postcolonial and contemporary India have addressed the challenge of a present that is always saturated in and over determined by a past or pasts.

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Curated by Bhawna Kakar
Gallery Bikaner House, 7th-16th July 17, New Delhi-1

Installation Relics from the Lost Paradise, the Kashmir-born artist Veer Munshi seems to literalize the dictum ‘History is Alive’. Both the reliquary and the coffin are repositories/ resting places for the dead, with the difference that one is configured to the task of animating/ remembrance, the other with that of putting way/ forgetting.

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